Song: I Am the Very Model of a Gaming Individual (To the Tune of “Major General” from Pirates of Penzance)

I am the very model of a gaming individual.
I buy every one of my games through distributions digital.
In every game you’ll find my skill is quite close to the pinnicle.
And to Korean women I am very irresistible.

The difficulty I select has names that sound quite hellishly,
And then I mod the game to turn it up a bit excessively.
The games I play are also known for their intense complexity,
and gaming sessions are all laced with unending profanity.

In fact, you’ll find the only aspect of me that is miserable
is with regards to any activity that is physical.
But with regards to activity audio and visual
I am the very model of a gaming individual!

And any money that I get from anywhere and any place
I spend on stuff for upgrading the things inside my PC case.
I go online and then debate whether or not you should embrace
the merits and the value of the glorious PC Master Race!

With nutritional matters, I am sure that you all ready knew
I subsist almost wholly on Doritos and on Mountain Dew
But if you’re on my team, you’ll find I never will abandon you
because I have a sock to use for whenever I have to poo.

Some who’ve seen my lifestyle have at times been very critial.
They say conditions of my home are not humanly livable,
but I find that I’m happy living with this simple principle:
I am the very model of a gaming individual!


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